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Deadline for Proposals: November 13, 2016 till 16:00, Danish Time

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark is seeking the services of local firm based in Islamabad. The firm will carry out a field assignment on beneficiaries’ feedback of three projects of MDTF in KP and FATA.

Denmark is engaged in Pakistan with a wide range of development activities. The support is provided through the programmes on peace building, livelihoods, education and civil society organisations with a clear rights mandate in the areas of democratisation, human rights and gender equality. The overall objective of the programme 2013-16 is Poverty alleviation through stabilisation and peace building, improved livelihoods and service delivery, strengthened democratisation, enhanced human rights and gender equality. The overall development goal is supported by two immediate objectives 

1. Improved livelihoods in the border areas with Afghanistan through enhanced provision of local services, job creation and policy reform, including implementation of education policy and recovery of educational services.

2. Enhanced democratisation and gender equality through support to Pakistani civil society organisations and national duty bearers.

In the component 1 support has been provided to the World Bank administered MDTF, which aims to improve governance, service delivery, and enhance growth and job creation.

The short listed firm will carry out a field assignment to assess the feedback of beneficiaries about the three projects. This assignment is part of the multi-donor Annual Review of the overall projects of MDTF.

This is a 20 days assignment expected to be carried out between November 20 and December 20, 2016. The total indicative budget is DKK 120,000/-.
Detailed TORs can be received with request for proposal. You may also please visit the website for details.

Deadline for Proposals: November 13, 2016 till 16:00, Danish Time

Contact the Programme Officer at the contact point below to receive the Request for Proposal. Proposal received after the deadline will not be considered.

Contact Point: Embassy of Denmark, Islamabad
Name of Programme Officer: Arif Tabassum
E-mail address, Programme Officer:
Telephone of Programme Officer: +92 51 2099813

Criteria for award of contract:
As stated in the Request for Proposal.

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