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Passports for Adults

Biometric passports On 1 January 2012, Denmark introduced biometric passports. For passport applicants in Pakistan, this means that ordinary passports can now only be issued at the Danish Embassy in Islamabad. From 1 January 2012, Danish honorary consulates will no longer accept applications for ordinary passports.

Please note the following:

  • The waiting time for an appointment is currently approx. 1 week.  
  • You will need an appointment with the Embassy prior visit, to apply for a new/renew a passport. 
  • If you are not able to meet your appointment please let the Embassy know so that the appointment can be given to another applicant. 
  • If you require an emergency passport  because your existing passport has been lost, stolen or damaged and you are travelling before you receive your new passport, you will need to book appointment. 
  • Collection of passports is between 9.00-12.00 Monday-Thursday and appointment must be booked prior to visit. Your old passport will be cancelled by the Embassy.

Please note that school holidays and the summer period are very busy and will therefore be booked up quickly. You should therefore book your appointment in good time if you wish to come to the Embassy during school holidays.

The Embassy will take a digital photograph and collect 2 fingerprints (index fingers) and a digital signature. These will be used for your new biometric passport.

Processing times

Passports are issued in Denmark and take approximately 4 weeks to process, 5-6 weeks during peak periods.

Required documents

(Pease follow these guidelines and NOT the ones on page 4 of the application form): 

  1. One application Form per person - completed and signed.To download the form, please click here.
  2. Your current passport
  3. If you have changed your name after your current passport was issued you must produce the original documentation of your change of name as proof. Please click here to find more information about Change of Name.
  4. Original Birth Certificate and English translated copy duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (first time applications)
  5. Original Certificate of Danish Nationality (first time applications or if Danish nationality has been retained after age 22).
  6. Marriage Certificate and English translated copy duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.(if you have not lived in Denmark after your marriage)
  7. Copies of all original documents.

Please note that the Embassy has the right to ask for further ID if necessary.


Please click here for fee details. 

Please note that extensions/emergency passports are free of charge when a new passport is applied for at the same time.

Lost Passports

If your passport has been lost/stolen, you should also submit the following documents: 

  •  Police report with English translation (the theft should be reported to a Police Station in the locality where the passport was stolen)    
  • A declaration must be completed at the Embassy stating the circumstances under which the passport was lost/stolen.
  • Your original Birth Certificate and translated copy (both must be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs). If your Civil Registration Number (CPR-nummer) does not appear on your Birth Certificate you must produce further ID such as a  Danish Driving Licence or Danish Health Insurance Identity Card (det særlige sundhedskort). 
  • Photo-ID.
  • Copies of all original documents.

Please click here for fee details.