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Residence Permits

Special Note: Greencard applications are no longer accepted with effect from 10 June 2016. Applications for a residence permit under the Greencard Scheme submitted before 10 June 2016 will be processed as normal. 

On the website of the Danish Immigration Service you will find information on the requirements for residence permits, work permits and family reunification. You will also find all the relevant application forms.

Applicants who have processed their applications directly with the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment must have their biometrics recorded at Gerry's Visa Service Center.

You will need to bring: 

1) Your original passport
2) Colour copies of your passport
3) Copies of the first three pages of the application form
4) Your case order ID

You must also go to Gerry's Visa Service Center to have your biometrics taken in the event you have filed a digital application directly via the Danish Immigration Service’s home page.

You will need to bring: 

1) Your original passport
2) Colour copies of your passport
3) A print of the confirmation that the application was submitted on-line 

The fee for having biometrics taken is PKR. 27,950. This amount will be collected in cash at Gerry's Visa Service Center along with Gerry's Service Charges. 

Please click here for more information regarding residence cards with biometric features.

For all applications for residence permit a fee is required to be paid directly to the Danish Immigration Service. If applicants hand in their application at the Embassy in Islamabad or Gerry's Visa Service Center an 'application processing fee' of PKR 27,950 has to be paid in cash (n additional application handling fee will be charged separately by the Consulate).

Applicants must book their appointment  before visiting the Embassy by e-mail at

For general information on other types of residence and work permits, please proceed to the website of the Danish Immigration Service.