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NEW REQUIREMENT - Negative COVID-19 - test.

27.10.2020  10:29

• As a new requirement, persons resident in high-risk countries who have a worthy purpose of entering Denmark, including employees, can enter Denmark if they present proof of a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before entry. 
• For countries within the EU and the Schengen area as well as the United Kingdom, a high-risk country is defined in line with the recommendation made by the European Council on 13 October 2020 to adopt a coordinated approach to travel measures (that is, red and grey countries). Reference is made to the list of grey and red countries to which this requirement applies. The list of high-risk countries in the EU, the Schengen area as well as the United Kingdom is updated weekly by the SSI (Statens Serum Institut - and for third countries whenever relevant, including on the basis of the list updated by the EU. Further, the requirement will apply to banned countries outside the EU and the Schengen area as well as the United Kingdom. For a list of banned countries, see:
• If a person who wants to enter Denmark cannot present proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before entry, the relevant person must normally expect to be refused entry as from Monday, 26 October 2020.
• However, in the first couple of days, the administrative officers will give people the opportunity to get used to the rules.
• In addition, please note: Foreigners with clear symptoms, such as fever and a dry cough, cannot enter Denmark.

EXEMPTIONS from the requirements of a negative COVID-19 test:

• The requirement does not apply to persons resident in the border regions (Norway, Schleswig-Holstein, Scania, Halland or Blekinge).
• Nor does the requirement apply to persons who enter Denmark in connection with the transportation of freight.
• Transit: You can travel through Denmark (transit) if you have a worthy purpose or you are going on holiday outside Denmark. This applies regardless of your habitual residence and your means of transport. In such situations, you are not required to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

• Danish nationals and persons resident in Denmark can enter Denmark regardless of the intended purpose of their entry and without presenting a negative COVID-19 test. This includes diplomats and employees of international organisations residing in Denmark as well as family members forming part of their household. Please note that the residence permit or EU registration certificate and ID card issued by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be carried as documentation.

For persons residing in Denmark, including diplomats and employees of international organisations and their families:

• Please note that if you or any of your dependent family members should – despite the advice from the Ministry - be returning home after “non-essential travel” (e.g. as tourists) to a country or region where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all non-essential travel due to COVID-19, you/they are strongly advised to follow the Danish Health Authority’s guidelines on self-isolation for 14 days after returning from your/their travel.
• If you are returning home to Denmark from a necessary trip, e.g. a business trip, you can book time for a COVID-19 test on The test should be performed immediately after returning to Denmark, but for short journeys no earlier than 4 days after departure from Denmark. You should follow the health authorities' guidelines for self-isolation until you have received a negative test result.

If you have any queries, please contact the hotline of the Danish Police: Tel. +45 7020 6044

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Protocol Department
26 October 2020

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