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World Bank and IMF must spearhead a green and inclusive recovery

22.10.2020  08:59

The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation calls for measures to foster long-term resilience in the global economy and environment. The world is facing an unprecedented crisis. In just a few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has swept across the world, bringing human tragedy and causing an economic shock of historic proportions. While it poses a tremendous challenge to our economies and societies, the Covid crisis also gives us an opportunity to work towards a future that is more fair, equal and green.

Ministers of the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany and Sweden, and the European commissioner for international partnerships – asked the World Bank and the IMF to deliver. For further details please click the below link.

It was welcomed by World Bank President, David Malpass, during the recent Annual Meeting: “Let me also say I warmly welcomed the public call of several European shareholders, including Ministers of Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden. They called for “the World Bank and the IMF to deliver a coherent approach to debt restructuring that helps address the looming debt crisis, helps make sure countries do not lose sight of green and inclusive reforms, and help lead the way toward more just and sustainable societies.” This is the core of our mission and our activities, and I welcome the encouragement and support.”

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