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Visa processing in light of new travel scheme as of 21 April 2021

22.04.2021  07:42

Wednesday 21 April a new travel scheme is introduced affecting the entry restrictions to Denmark. Countries are once again categorised as either yellow, orange or red based on the current epidemiological situation of the specific country. The categorisation will be updated on a weekly basis – so please stay updated on this website (country categorisation available from 21 April). 

The travel scheme for third countries will follow the common EU approach, which means that a few countries outside the EU will be categorised as ‘yellow’ (see below). 
Below you will find the worthy purposes for entry into Denmark depending on country category: 

Travelers residing in ‘yellow countries’
Foreigners residing in ‘yellow countries’ do not need a worthy purpose to enter Denmark. Visa case processing should be conducted as normal without assessment of a worthy purpose of entry. From 21 April countries categorised as ‘yellow’ are: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

Travelers residing in ‘orange countries’
Most countries outside the EU will be categorised as orange. Please refer to this link (country categorisation available from 21 April), when assessing worthy purposes and note that the number of worthy purposes has been expanded (similar to before 9. January 2021): 

- You have a job in Denmark
- You are to attend a business meeting
- You are to attend a critical business meeting
- You are to perform services or transport goods into or out of Denmark
- You are a seaman, an aircraft crew member, a diplomat etc.
- You have a job interview in Denmark
- You are a student in Denmark
- You have a traineeship in Denmark
- You are to attend a folk high school programme
- You have an au pair placement

- You are the partner, parent etc. of a person resident in Denmark
- You are the spouse, live-in partner, child etc. of a Danish national resident abroad and you enter Denmark together
- Are the spouse, live-in partner, child, or stepchild of a person sent by a state and you hold a diplomatic passport or a similar document
- You are to have parenting time with minors
- You are the primary caregiver of minors
- You are related to or in a relationship with a seriously ill or dying person in Denmark
- You are to participate in the birth of your child
- You are to continue treatment at a healthcare institution
- You are to attend a funeral or burial of immediate family members

- You are to participate in legal proceedings or you have been summoned to an interview with a public authority
- You have urgent business at an embassy or consular mission in Denmark

- You have your own summerhouse or boat or you are a permanent resident at a campsite in Denmark

Travelers residing in ‘red countries’
Stricter entry conditions apply to foreigners residing in ‘red countries’. From 21 April countries categorised as ‘red’ are: Bangladesh, Botswana, Brazil, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Worthy purposes are restricted to:

- Persons who are the primary caregivers of minors living in Denmark, such as a foster family that is not part of the nuclear family.
- Persons who are to visit a seriously ill or dying family member/sweetheart in Denmark.
- Persons transporting freight.
- Persons who are ship crew members, offshore workers or maritime technicians and who travel through Denmark in transit on their homebound journey.
- Diplomats, including similar groups of people as mentioned in points 1 and 4 of Annex VII of the Schengen Borders Code, and diplomatic couriers or persons who enter Denmark to pay a service visit to a local diplomatic mission or who are allowed to enter Denmark under a host country agreement. 

Procedures for visa case processing applications from orange and red countries, remain the same as today:

Please note that the gradual reopening of travel activities will take place in several phases. Phase 1 starts on 21 April 2021. Phase 2 is expected to start from 1 May 2021. Phase 3, expected 14 May 2021. Phase 4, expected 26 June 2021.


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