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Pakistani Documents

As of 1st January 2020, the Danish Embassy in Islamabad does not legalise public documents issued in Pakistan. You are kindly requested to contact the relevant Danish authority, which has requested the document. The Danish authorities are informed about this change of practice and will thus no longer demand legalisation of Pakistani documents from the Danish Embassy in Islamabad.

The Embassy will only legalize the documents where the request for legalization is received by the Embassy latest by 16th December, 2019. The Embassy will remain closed from 23rd December, 2019 till 01st January, 2020. 

In order for the Embassy to legalise a document the applicant must provide the following:

1. The document, which must be legalised along with the CPR Number and/or address of the Danish National whom the document belongs to.

2. An English translation, if the document which must be legalized is in a foreign language.

3. The original document and the translation must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan

The fee for legalization is PKR 3,850 per document which is only acceptable via Visa, Master, Union pay Debit & Credit Cards

Please note that the Embassy certifies the signature of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan without holding responsibility for the content of the document (en legalisering er en bekræftelse på, at en underskrift er ægte, men ikke bevis på, at dokumentets indhold nødvendigvis er korrekt).

Applicants who wish to have their documents legalised by the Embassy must book an appointment by e-mail prior to their visit at the Embassy. To make an appointment, please contact the Embassy at

Please click the below link about instructions concerning certification and legalisation of Pakistani documents for EU registration of residence: