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Family reunification

If you have close relatives in Denmark, you can apply for a residence permit on the grounds of family reunification.

Provided that certain conditions are met, family reunification can be granted to:

  • Spouses, registered partners and cohabiting partners
  • Children under the age of 15.
  • For all applications for Residence Permit a fee is required to be paid directly to the Danish Immigration Service. If applicants hand in their application at the Gerry's/VFS Visa Service Centre in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi an 'application processing fee'  has to be paid in cash, along with Gerry's Service charges.  If the application is processed directly with the Danish Immigration Service by the references in Denmark and applicant only wishes to proceed for Biometrics, the applicant may approach the Gerry's Visa Service Centre. 
  • Applications for Family Reunification Permit for EU/EEA or Swiss dependents may be submitted at Gerry's Visa Drop Box which will be forwarded to the State Administration (Statsforvaltningen). It is recommended that the applications should be processed directly in Denmark with the State Administration (Statsforvaltningen) by the host.

All applicants must book their appointment before visiting the Embassy by e-mail at

Click here to go to the web-site of the Danish Immigration Service and find more information.


Applicant must appear in person

You must personally submit your application for a residence permit at Gerry's/VFS Visa Service Centre in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi.

This applies for all types of residence permits including work, studies, family reunification etc. except special applications for EU/EEA or Swiss dependents and Green Card Scheme applicants who would submit the applications at the Embassy .

All applicants must book their appointment before visiting the Embassy by e-mail at  Please see office hours.


Applications must be submitted along with documentation as stated on the application form and specific documentation depending on type of application.

To the right on this web-page you will find a document for download. The document is providing information about what must be submitted when applying for family re-unification or a study permit.

It is pertinent that the forms are fully and correctly filled in, signed and dated.

All applications for residence and/or work permit will be forwarded by the Embassy to the Danish Immigration Service for a decision. Applicants will be informed by the Embassy when a decision has been reached.

Where to submit

An application for a residence and work permit must be submitted at the Gerry's in the applicant's country of origin. In certain cases, a foreign national already in Denmark can submit an application, although this is contingent, first and foremost, on what grounds he or she has for being in Denmark.

To learn more about the regulations on where to submit your application please visit the website of the Danish Immigration Service and concerned Embassy's web site.



Should you wish to appeal a decision made by the Danish Immigration Service, you can lodge the appeal at the Embassy or send it directly to the Immigration Appeals Board in Denmark. 

Alternatively, you may lodge your appeal at the Embassy for appropriate further action. Appointment with the Embassy must be booked beforehand by e-mail at

fee is required to be paid directly to the Danish Immigration Service, if applicants lodge their appeal at the Embassy in Islamabad.  A processing fee has to be paid through credit/debit card at the Embassy, which is liable to change without prior notice.

Be sure to include your case number, full name, nationality, and the date of the initial ruling, when filing the appeal.

Complaints over service and processing at the Royal Danish Embassy in Islamabad or the Royal Danish Consulate General in Karachi should be forwarded to

For further information, please click here.