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What is the status of my application?

Please note that visa case processing can take up to 15 days, if decided by the Embassy itself. This period includes a Schengen Consultation check which can take up to 7-10 days. If the case is submitted to the Danish Immigration Service, case processing time could be 45 days.

Can I call the Embassy for an update on the status of my case?

No. All information regarding visa case processing and visa status is mentioned on this website and in the FAQ’s below.   

Why have I not been contacted?

Be patient. You will be contacted as soon as a decision has been made.

How long before my expected travel should I apply for a visa?

You should apply for a visa earliest 6 months before your expected travel.

Can I expect a decision within 2 weeks?

No. This is an unrealistic expectation. Please refer to case processing time and Schengen Consultation Check above.

What is Schengen Consultation Check?

It is a hearing of other Schengen countries. A visa cannot be issued until the Schengen Consultation Check has been cleared.

Can I submit a visa application to the Embassy directly?

No. All visa applications must be submitted at our external service provider, Gerry’s Visa Service Center.

What are the contact details of Gerry’s Service Center?

Please click for contact details of Gerry's Visa Service Centres in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

Can biometrics be recorded at the Mission?

In Pakistan, all biometrics for short stay visa applications must be submitted at Gerry’s Service Center in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, unless requested otherwise.

Can you provide me the contact details of the visa officer I spoke to, over the telephone?

No. Personal contact between visa officers and applicants is not allowed.

Why has my case been submitted to the Danish Immigration Service?

Please be aware, that the Embassy follows the Visa Code Executive Order and Guidelineswhile deciding a visa case. In most cases, the Embassy has three possibilities when deciding a visa case. These are: 

 1) Bona fide

 2) Submission to Danish Immigration Service

 3) Refusal

 The Embassy is not obliged to justify its decisions.

Why has my case been refused?

Please be aware that the Embassy follows the Visa Code, Executive Order and Guidelineswhile deciding a visa case. Pakistan is under Group 5, which means that visas for among others siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends are not commonly granted. Please note that there may be exceptions.

Do I have the right to appeal if my visa has been refused?

In the event an application has been refused by the Embassy, please read carefully the whole refusal letter to understand which appeal process applies to you. The instructions for appeal will be described in your refusal letter. There are two appeal processes; the individual appeal and the automatic appeal. In connection with an automatic appeal, you are not required to take any action yourself. When a final decision is made by the Danish Immigration Service, you will recieve a notice. If you have additional information or further documentation, which you believe will make a difference in the outcome of your visa application, please forward your request to the Danish Immigration Service.

What do I do when an application has been refused by Danish Immigration Service?

Please do not contact the Embassy. You have to follow the guidelines concerning appeal stated in the refusal from Danish Immigration Service. When your applications has been refused by Danish Immigration Service, you have to forward your appeal directly to the Immigration Board.

Where can I pick my refusal?

All first instance decisions are forwarded through Gerry’s Service Center. All refusals decided after appeal by the Danish Immigration Service, must be gathered at the Embassy upon notice.

Is an invitation letter necessary for my application?

Tourist visas do not require invitation letters. All other purposes of visit, should preferably have invitations in order not to delay case handling

Is it necessary for the invitation letter to be submitted along with the visa application?

No. The invitation ID must be provided, so that the invitation can be retrieved.

Is a hotel reservation necessary

All applicants must provide proof of accommodation. This can be a hotel reservation/booking or proof that the applicant will stay at the residence of the host.

How are cases of minors decided?

The cases of minors are not decided independently. The decision of the minor is the same as that of the parent(s).

Who is allowed to apply for a visa?

All individuals are allowed to apply for a visa.

Can the Embassy refer me to an agent?

No. The Embassy has no affiliation with any agents.

I have been informed of agents who provide documents, passports and visa stamps for a certain amount of money. Should I contact them?

No. Those documents are usually fake documents. The Embassy has experts who can assess whether a document is fake or genuine. As a warning from the Embassy, all applicants are requested not to contact agents. Agents charge high prices for false documentation, which usually results in a flat out refusal. Many applicants have complained that they have lost high sums of money by relying on agents. Applicants are requested to inform the Embassy of any agents that they may know of. Please email the Embassy on

I want to submit further documents to the Embassy. What do I do?

Send it by post it to the postal address of the Embassy or send a scanned copy to    

Can I scan the documents and email them to the Embassy?

Yes. However, the Embassy still requires the original document in physical form.  

I am aware of fraudulent or illegal behaviour on the part of an applicant. How do I inform the Embassy?

Please email the Embassy on

I have confidential information that I want to share with the Embassy, however, I want it to remain confidential. What do I do?

The information provided on this website is general information, however, how do I get an update on my particular visa case?

The information may be general, but the procedure is not. The procedure and case processing time does not change depending on the applicant.

Where can I collect my documents?

In case a visa is approved, the applicant will be given notice and requested to gather his/her passport and documents from Gerry’s Service Center. If a visa case is approved or refused after an appeal, the applicant will be given notice and requested to gather his/her passport and documents directly from the Embassy. In all other cases, the passports and documents will be sent to Gerry’s Service Center

Can I appoint someone to pick up my decision or documents?

Yes. You must issue a power of attorney mentioning the name, date of birth, passport number/CNIC number of the person who you appoint. Furthermore, this person has to bring the original receipt from Gerry’s Service Center.