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Red Carpet Programme - How to enroll

How to Enroll?

How to Apply

Before you apply for enrolment in the Fast Track Business Visa Program, the Embassy advises that you read the terms and conditions.

When you are ready to apply for enrolment in the Fast Track Business Visa Program, you will need to obtain the necessary forms. Please request an Agreement Form by sending an e-mail to stating the name of the company or organization you represents, and the name of the Danish company or organization you do business with.

Subsequently, you will receive a return e-mail with the Agreement Form together with a list of the documentation required for the Red Carpet Application to be processed.

Submitting Forms and Documents

The Agreement Form and Annexes must be filled in and submitted to the Embassy together with the supplementary documentation. You can either submit your application to us my e-mail or by post.

Processing Time

After the application has been considered admissible by the Embassy, a consultation process of 10-12 days is needed to be completed for all Pakistani Nationals.

When a Decision is Reached

The Embassy will reach a decision within two weeks. A representative from your company or organisation may be called at the Embassy for an interview.

If you are approved to be enrolled in the Red Carpet Program an agreement is signed by both parties and further information regarding visa application procedures is forwarded to you. If you are not approved you will receive a letter from the Embassy informing you of this.

Please note that this decision does not affect in any way eligibility for applying and obtaining a Schengen visa following standard visa application procedures.