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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Denmark in Pakistan

A very warm welcome to our website.

It is a great honour for me to serve as the Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan. Together with a highly talented team at the Embassy, we work to continuously strengthen the relations between our two countries. My job is simply to identify and explore areas of common interest. And I see plenty of opportunities.

Throughout the years, we have worked together to improve social and economic cohesion in Pakistan. Important values in this context are promotion of human rights and gender equality. As part of this, we have contributed with around USD 130 million in development and humanitarian aid since 2010.

Denmark is also host to a relative large Pakistani diaspora, who are benefitting actively to the Danish economy and welfare state. This provides a solid base for our relations.

Moving forward, my main focus will be on enhancing our trade and economic relations. We opened our commercial section only three years ago. Since then, our team of experts has effectively promoted the market opportunities in Pakistan for Danish companies.

I believe that Danish knowledge and technology can deliver much needed solutions for Pakistan in areas such as green energy, clean water, health and agri-business. Equally important, the export opportunities for Pakistani businesses to Denmark are significant, especially in the textile industry.
I fully believe that to enhance the ties between countries, it is essential to build a wide range of relations – from the highest level of government and business to the individual citizens – based on mutual respect, understanding and open dialogue. I will therefore want to engage as much as possible with the diverse people of Pakistan – especially the youth.
Through our Public Diplomacy we will provide information about the opportunities and results of our friendly and exciting relations. I hope that this will serve as a window of information to learn about Denmark as well as a bridge to deepen the friendship between our two countries.

I also invite you to visit our Facebook ( and stay updated on news related to Denmark and Pakistan. You can also follow me on Twitter@DKinPK to stay directly connected.

I look forward to your continuous support in developing and strengthening the important ties between Denmark and Pakistan.

Ole Thonke

ole thonke