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Food and Agriculture

Pakistan's food and agriculture sector is strong and diverse with tremendous opportunities and a need for high-tech processing, manufacturing facilities, after-market and technical expertise. Approximately 28% of the country’s total land area is under cultivation. Agriculture contributes 19.5% to GDP and absorbs 42.3% of labor force.

  • 4th largest producer of cotton
  • 3rd largest herd of livestock.
  • 5th largest producer of milk.
  • 11th largest producer of poultry.
  • 11th largest producer of rice

Opportunities for Danish companies:

There is immense potential for Danish companies in several categories which include:

  • Animal Genetics
  • Ingredients for food and feed
  • Feed & Nutrition- Feed, fodder, grasses, feed premixes, young animal nutrition etc.
  • Animal health- disease diagnostics, animal health and hygiene solutions
  • Farm mechanization/automation- rotor, silage making machines, milking machinery
  • Food additives- food colors, enzymes, preservatives, flavors, etc.
  • Training and education
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Bulk milk chillers (BMC), solar powered coolers
  • Equipment for poultry farms, analyzing and testing feed, process lines for dairies and dairy products, packaging of dairy, fruit and vegetable products and handling, storing and processing of grain and fruits & vegetables