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Message from the Ambassador

Denmark and Pakistan have many decades of close bilateral engagements on business, peace and stability as well as development cooperation and people-to-people relations, not least due to the vast Pakistani diaspora in Denmark. My job is to strengthen our close ties even further.

Green cooperation. Denmark is a global frontrunner in the pursuit of a carbon neutral future. We have World leading solutions within water management, renewable energy and liveability. Pakistan is suffering severely from climate changes. Floodings, melting glaciers and devastating monsoons damage the livelihood of millions of Pakistani people. Only together can we tackle these enormous challenges. My personal goal is a tight Danish-Pakistani green collaboration towards climate change resilient countries.

Business. Trade drives nations forward and build bridges between people. Pakistan hosts many Danish companies within pharma, logistics, construction and tech. Pakistan represents a huge market. I will strive to promote more Danish exports and investment to Pakistan.      

People. I hope to see travelling and tourism grow between our countries. It will bring our people closer together and increase mutual understanding. Both Denmark and Pakistan are among the most beautiful countries in the World. Pakistan’s richness in friendliness, culture and scenic nature is unique.

I invite you to visit our [email protected] and stay updated on news related to Denmark and Pakistan. You can also follow me on [email protected] to stay directly connected and, to see everything behind the scenes, follow us on our [email protected].

Together with my excellent Embassy team, I am always ready to work with for Denmark and Pakistan.

Jakob Linulf