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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Pakistan is a potential market for healthcare investment, because it is the world’s 6th most populous country with increasing middle class. The focus of health system of Pakistan is inclined more towards communicable disease and maternal & child health. Recently, prevention and cure of non-communicable diseases is also gaining the Government’s attention. Health care spending in Pakistan amounted to $8.3b in 2017. Various health priority programs with special focus on the major public health problems of the country have been carried out. These include Cancer Treatment, Aids Prevention and Malaria Control Programs.

Pakistan’s pharmaceutical market is the 10th largest in Asia Pacific. In terms of monetary value, the size of the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is $3.10b.

Opportunities for Danish companies

  • Washing solutions for healthcare and labs
  • Cold chain; biomedical freezers and refrigerators
  • Medical kits for rural areas
  • Guide wires for medical industry
  • Pressure ulcer prevention and hygienic toilet
  • Innovative actuator solutions for hospital and healthcare
  • Equipment
  • Patient monitoring, diagnostics, emergency care solutions
  • Ambient applications