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Water and Environment

Pakistan is facing a major challenge within the water sector. A country that has over 200 million people will have less water available in the future whereas the population is expected to grow to around 275 million in 2050. Some of the other challenges include; sewage water handling and treatment, supply of clean drinking water, industrial wastewater treatment and recycling, efficient irrigation solution, etc.

Apart from public sector initiatives and projects, international development agencies and Development financial institutions are financing and undertaking different initiatives/ projects in the water sector.


  • There are multiple industrial zones in Pakistan that need effluent and water softening treatments.
  • Pakistan has excessive rainfalls in monsoon season and it results in floods almost every year. Flood management is a serious issue and there are no systems to store rain and flood water. This water can be stored, purified and used.
  • Desalination seawater is also one of the areas that can be useful but untapped currently in Pakistan