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residence permit


All applicants are requested not to contact agents. Agents charge high prices for false documentation, which usually results in a flat out refusal. Many applicants have complained that they have lost high sums of money by relying on agents. Applicants are requested to inform the Embassy of any agents that they may know of.


How to apply

Applicant must appear in person

You must personally submit your application for a residence permit at the Gerry's/VFS Visa Service Centre. This applies for all types of residence permits including work, studies, family reunification, and Green Card Scheme. The applications for Family Reunification Permit for EU/EEA or Swiss dependents may be submitted at Gerry's Visa Drop Box which will be forwarded to the State Administration (Statsforvaltningen), however,  it is recommended that the applications for Family Reunification Permit for EU/EEA or Swiss dependents  should be processed directly in Denmark with the State Administration (Statsforvaltningen) by the host. 

Applicants are requested to contact the Embassy (if needed) beforehand by requesting for an appointment  at [email protected] Please see office hours.


Applications must be submitted along with documentation as stated on the application form and specific documentation depending on type of application.

To the right on this web-page you will find a document for download. The document is providing information about what must be submitted when applying for family re-unification or a study permit.

It is pertinent that the forms are fully and correctly filled in, signed and dated.

All applications for residence and/or work permit will be forwarded by the Embassy to the Danish Immigration Service for a decision. Applicants will be informed by the Embassy when a decision has been reached.

Where to submit

An application for a residence and work permit must be submitted at the Gerry's/VFS Visa Service Centre in the applicant's country of origin. In certain cases, a foreign national already in Denmark can submit an application, although this is contingent, first and foremost, on what grounds he or she has for being in Denmark.

To learn more about the regulations on where to submit your application please visit the website of the Danish Immigration Serviceclick here to go to the website.


You will find all relevant information on the main website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.